Anders Gravers’ tale til demonstrationen i Århus d. 31. marts

[Idet det var en international demonstration blev alle taler holdt på engelsk. Red.]

Today’s gathering marks a new step along the road of freedom from Islam for Europe.

Today we see organisations coming together in the cause for freedom and to protest against tyranny.

Most of us here today know we are in a war. A war that has been fought for centuries.

Even those who have not yet realised that we are in a war know we face a big enemy that plans to rule the world.

This enemy of freedom is called Islam and Muslims are its soldiers. These are not our words, they are the words of a Muslim poem used by the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan….

The poem says “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers”.

Yes…those soldiers are called Muslims.

Some say we provoke hatred against a religion when we protest against Islamisation.

It is not WE who provoke hatred.

Islam is not a religion. It is the world’s biggest hate group.

Muslims choose to be members of this hate group. Europe’s laws protect this hate group because its members call it a religion.

Political parties do not receive the same protection in law that Islam does. We have seen European politicians arrested and convicted for speaking against Islam.

Islam is in reality a political party because it has its own manifesto to rule the world.

Islam is a dictatorship.

Its manifesto crushes all freedom. It dictates how people should behave for every second of the day.

Islam is the opposite of freedom, just as communism is.

But Islam is worse than communism. It is communism with a viscious, violent god attached.

This so-called god commands Muslims to make war on the Kuffar who live around them. The worst insult a Muslim can make to other people is to call them Kuffar.

This insult should be banned in Europe as hate speech. Islam should be banned in Europe as a hategroup. The Koran should be banned for being a manual of hate, just as some European countries have banned Mein Kampf.

Mein Kampf means “My struggle”. Jihad also means “My struggle”. The difference is for Muslims, the struggle is to make Islam rule the world.

Both Mein Kampf and the Koran are full of Jew-hating. Mohammed called Jews “the sons of apes and pigs”.

Mohammed personally beheaded 900 Jewish men in a single day. That is 900 more than Hitler beheaded in his entire life.

Hitler led the Nazi hate-group that murdered six million Jews and five million others who they hated.

They tried to get rid of all Jews in Europe. They failed to do this despite the Holocaust . However, the world’s biggest hate group, Islam, with its Jew-hating Muslims got rid of all Jews from the Arabian Peninsula and all other non-Muslims they hated.

Mohammed gave the women and children to Muslims as slaves and all their property to his followers.

Not only is Islam the world’s biggest hate-group it is also the world’s biggest organised crime syndicate. Like the mafia with a violent god attached.

Recently we saw in Toulouse just what Islam’s Jew-hatred brings to Europe.

70% of attacks on Jews in France are done by Muslims. And this is being repeated across Europe.

The media try to excuse the Muslim Jew-hatred by blaming Israel and the so-called occupation of Palestine.

They will try to find any excuse to blame the Jews for Muslim violence. The media are as bad as Muslims and Nazis. The media lie about Israel by saying it commits atrocities against Palestinian Muslims.

We all remember how Israeli soldiers were accused of killing a 12 year old Muslim boy who was hiding behind his father against a wall. This was found to be a complete lie in a French court of law.
These lies against Israel are repeated time and time again.

However, even though a French court exposed one of the biggest lies, the French media tries to excuse the murder of Jewish children in France.

However, the world knows that those helpless children were deliberately murdered by a member of the world’s biggest hate-group.

Those helpless Jewish children were just the latest victims in the world’s longest war.

This war is not of our making. It was started by Muslims who have only one ambition. To rule the world.

They will lose and we will win.

We will win because we have right on our side.

We will win because we do the right things. We use democracy and our right to protest to beat the violence and lies of the world’s biggest hate group. Islam.

The media and politicians call us far right and hate groups. However, it is not SIOE and the Defence Leagues who took our countries to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is not we who stone women to death or bomb trains.

We have always done things according to the law. This has not stopped politicians and media accusing us of murders and other violence we did not commit.

We are only using our democratic rights to peaceful protest. And we will win.

We have to step up the action. We have to make our protests stronger. We have to make our language stronger.

But we have to stay within the law. And we will stay within the law.

Every mosque being built must be protested against. Not only must protests be held outside mosques, but also the building companies making the mosques. Also the councils allowing mosques to be built.

Whenever a woman, or even worse, a child is raped, we must protest outside the mosque closest to where it happened. Even if it is only four or five people.

The media must be challenged to report our protests or we will accuse them of supporting the violence of the world’s biggest hate group. Islam.

All anti-Islam groups must work together to defeat our enemy and to win this war.

Victory is ours. NO SURRENDER.


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  3. Mette

    Nice speach, and to the point – wish I could have been there – the truth about Islam needs to be told again and again, untill even the ignorant politicians get it!
    The few muslims that was there, proved your point – they live for the violence and hate their “God” dictates!
    The police did a good job this time – keeping “them” away from the meeting – hope they will take threats against Danes from muslims more serious in the future.
    This movement will grow stronger all over Europe, as it has been in England – and we will win this war!
    This rally got attension from all over the world, so now “they” know, we won’t just sit back and let “them” take our freedom away!
    Thank you SIAD, SIOE, DDL and EDL!