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  1. Michael Unna

    Thank you very much by heart. You deserve all the honor you can get, and more than we and other can offer. In another side of this site i wrote about a interview i saw in danish tv-i hope someone can translate it to you (its on the video of the confussing leftfacistriot) I hope you get a chance to see it, and that i will be tranlatet.
    What our politicien have sold out for cheap oil, and prostitutet moral, you gain and make clear. What our soldiers are fighting for in afghanistan and irak , never in vain for the girls who had a chance to free themself in the time the soldiers was there, but in vain because of the prostitutet politic moral from the western politician, who cannot defend the reason of the fight, again because of prostitutet moral leting freedom down for cheap oil and fear, you honorly defend by heart. Im ashamed over our citymayer, but im proud that you have been her in this city, and thank you by heart for the hope you give to the future. Thanks by heart.