SIOA/FDI lancerer ny buskampagne

Så har SIOA v/Pamela Geller igen lanceret en kampagne med busreklamer, fordi pro-palæstinensiske kræfter har reklameret med anti-Israelske slogans. Det er ikke første gang det sker, sidste gang fik Pamela Geller afslag på at køre mod-reklamerne af New York City Metro Transit Authority. Det kører der for øjeblikket en sag om som snart vil blive afgjort ved retten.

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  1. Carsten Nielsen

    Hvem tror I Villy Waffen SF vil støtte?

    The evidence is mounting that Syria has become a magnet for Sunni extremists, including those operating under the banner of Al Qaeda. An important border crossing with Turkey that fell into Syrian rebels’ hands last week, Bab al-Hawa, has quickly become a jihadist congregating point. It is the sort of image that has become a staple of the Syrian revolution, a video of masked men calling themselves the Free Syrian Army and brandishing AK-47s — with one unsettling difference. In the background hang two flags of Al Qaeda, white Arabic writing on a black field.

    One Qaeda operative spoke to an Iraqi reporter for The New York Times. “Our big hope is to form a Syrian-Iraqi Islamic state for all Muslims, and then announce our war against Iran and Israel, and free Palestine.”

    The video, posted on YouTube, is one more bit of evidence that Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists are doing their best to hijack the Syrian revolution, with a growing although still limited success that has American intelligence officials publicly concerned, and Iraqi officials next door openly alarmed.Al Qaeda Taking Deadly New Role in Syria Conflict. German intelligence: al-Qaeda all over Syria. Terrible violence in Syria: a terror message from Al-Qaeda to Assad.