Anders Gravers’ tale til anti-jihad rally i Stockholm

Today is an important test for free people.

The demonstration here in Stockholm is the final test to see if there is democracy and freedom of speech in the country. Can we come with our point of view without getting harrashed and attacked by violent thugs?

In a democracy you can discuss things and see things from all kinds of perspectives like you have to if you want a wellfunctioned democracy.
You need a free discussion in order to take decissions that are based on democracy.
You need a free press that is not using self censorship when it comes to emotional and socalled religious topics if you want your democracy to work.

Once I met a Swedish policeman. Him and I discussed the islamisation of our countries. He felt with Denmark because he was convinced that Denmark was more islamised than Sweden. I nearly lost my coffeecup when he said that but understood why he said it.

Because even the Danish press is making self censorship as well when it comes to the topic islam, the Danish press allows the people to bring letters to the editor where the Danish people loudly discuss muslims and islam.

In Sweden you don’t have this discussion because the self rightious journalists call it ”racism” if you discuss the socalled religion islam.

So that’s why the policeman felt that we in Denmark were more islamised than the Swedes because he never hears the problems about islam in the newspapers in Sweden, but when he read the Danish netnews, he could see that Denmark has a huge problem with muslims who don’t want to live after the Danish rules of democracy.

In these news he will hear stories about Muslims who demand special times for muslim women only to use the public swimming pool because muslim women are not allowed to swim together with men. And they of course got the permission by the Danish politicians.

The policeman will also learn from the Danish medias that Muslim men have demanded curtains in the changing room in the shower section because muslim men are not allowed to show themselves naked in front of other men. And they have got their curtains.

The muslim children are allowed to skip the shower after gym because according to islam they should not take showers with other children.

The Swedish policeman will also to his big surprise read that the muslims even can’t be dead together with the socalled non-believers in the mortuaries in the hospitals. Muslim relatives have demanded special rooms for their dead family members. And they have got it – for our tax money.

Muslims have demanded praying rooms in the schools and have got it.
Everybody is obliged to take any kind of job offered when getting social welfare, unemployed muslim women are allowed to say no to certain jobs were they could get in contact with men – or porkmeat.
At christmas time big supermarkets and moles have removed the christian christmas decoration, just because it maybe could offend the muslims.

The policeman was convinced that Denmark must be the most islamised country in the world and he felt sorry for Denmark. Now it couldn’t get any worse he thought. Then he read that 99% of all poultry in Denmark is now halal slaughtered and a fee is payed to muslim organisations for every each poultry that is slaughtered.
In many big towns, institutions don’t serve pork meat for the children any longer. So, even though the Danish economy is largely based on pork exports, Danish children are no longer allowed to eat all the different and common pork dishes.
Some of the schools in Copenhagen have recently introduced mothers-only parent-teacher meetings. The fact is that they are appeasing the muslim men who do not allow their wives to take part in any meetings where men are present. Therefore, Danish fathers have to stay home when women-only meetings take place.
Because of the cartoon crisis journalists no longer dare to publish the muhammed cartoon in the newspapers. Books have been rewritten because of fear of violent muslims and an auction house didn’t want to sell a drawing made by K.W. because of fear from muslim protests. The Sharia censorship is creeping in in Denmark.

But in Sweden the situation is much worse, there is just not any real media to inform about it because the media in Sweden has much more self censorship than the Danish media .

It is not only that the Swedish media is practising self censorship and don’t want to talk about the problems with muslim immigration to Sweden. By the self censorship they suppress freedom of speech, one of the most fundamental rights that is securing the democracy.

Sweden is with its self censorship starting to look like the cartoon with the three monkeys, don’t see, don’t hear, don’t talk. The picture of the three monkeys normally describes a dictatorship.

I will not call the Swedish politicians and media dictators, I will just call them terrible political correct and in the end this behaviour can end up in a dictatorship where islam rules and where the Swedish democracy and free thinking is brought to an end.

I sincerely hope that this gathering will show the Swedish people that islamcritic can be decent and NOT racist and violent, and that the Swedish people will be allowed to discuss islam opendly without any cencorship.

We have now put a seed of freedom into the Swedish soil.
Now it is up to you to water this seed.

Thank you.