Læser om “Har PET en politisk agenda?”

Demo 21.10.07 demonstrant4
Winston Churchill har sagt: “Hvis fascismen i fremtiden genopstår, vil den blive kaldt antifascismen.” Churchill var en fremsynet mand, kan vi konstatere.
At Redox/AFA, de antifascistiske netværk repræsenterer dybt kriminelle og voldelige personer, er hævet over enhver tvivl. Gennem en årrække har grupperne snoet sig blandt et lydhørt pressekorps, der har bidraget flittigt til hetzen mod den såkaldte højrefløj. Det er en velkendt konstatering.

Den 17.4.13 udkommer Jyllands-Posten trods alt med en nyhed: “Syv tiltalt for hacking og vold rettet mod højrefløjen”. De syv personer med tilknytning til det venstreorienterede rescarchkollektiv, Redox er nu tiltalt for hacking og indsamling af oplysninger om 6.000 personer fortrinsvis fra den politiske højrefløj i Danmark”.
Dette er offentliggjort af statsadvokat for København, Lise-Lotte Nilas – med ordene: “Det er en alvorlig sag.” “Foruden overvågning og omfattende registreringer er der tale om tre tilfælde af vold eller hærværk.”
“Det har tidligere været fremme, at de nu tiltalte var under mistanke for at have overtrådt en af terrorbestemmelserne i straffeloven, §114f, men dette har efterforskningen og den juridiske vurdering ikke kunnet underbygge.
Ud fra de oplysninger, der er kommet frem under efterforskningen, menes der ikke at kunne føres bevis for, at straffelovens § 114f er overtrådt.”
Derfor er dette ikke en terrorsag, men en straffesag om hacking af oplysninger om personer på grund af politiske tilhørsforhold, fremsiger statsadvokaten.
Fra anden side end JP lyder det: Redox/AFA har egen efterretnungstjeneste og tæskehold.

Skal statsadvokatens udsagn forstås således, at de voldelige overfald på SIAD-medlemmer i parkeringskælderen i Valby i 2007 ikke har kunnet underbygges juridisk? Skal den såkaldte juridiske vurdering bruges til at tildække voldssagen?

Det er meget relevant for den nuværende udvikling i tiltalen, at understrege, at kort efter, at overfaldene havde fundet sted i parkeringskælderen og de totalt maskerede Redox/AFA-folk som på kommando i hast var flygtet midt i deres udåd, kom politiet til stede og afhørte alle de voldsramte personer, før de blev kørt til Valby Sygehus. Politiet så således de overfaldnes tilstand, som især i et tilfælde var meget kritisk. Hvis udåden ikke var blevet afbrudt af et vagtsystem, var de pågældende SIAD-medlemmer blevet slået ihjel, det var helt tydeligt hensigten – også set i bakspejlet!
Politiet så således de overfaldnes tilstand og er vidner til episoden.
Efterfølgende har både politiet og PET foretaget gentagne afhøringer – også på privat grund – af ofrene for antifascisternes fremfærd.
På ovennævnte baggrund måtte det antages, at være tilstrækkelige beviser til stede, også i form af fotos og, må man formode, fra journaler fra Valby Sygehus!
Deraf kan der sluttes, at udtalelsen om efterforskningen og den juridiske vurdering lugter langt væk.
Det foregår i Danmark anno 2013! Er Danmark blevet en “bananstat”?

Spørgsmålet er, hvor kommer stanken fra? Jo, den er vist god nok! PUHA!

Et tillægsspørgsmål kunne være: Var PET indblandet i planlægningen af overfaldet? For eksempel via den person, vejviseren, der stak SIAD?



  1. sanna

    Islamic terrorist attack in Europe!

    England under the base of mass Muslims.. It is yet another Islamic betrayal of the host country that unfortunately allows an unlimited inflow of Muslims and hard on the road to self-destruction. We are talking about the fundamentals of Islam. It is certain that the blood of halal is a Kafir. That is clear. As it says in the law. No one can disagree on that. That line can be found in the Quran and the Sunnah. The question is what consequences this has in practice.

    Koran; Chapter 2, verse 191: and slay them, where you met them and drives them out, from where they have turned you out; because persecution is worse than slaughter. And fight them not near the Sacred Mosque, before they fight you in it. But if they fight you fight them-so is the retribution for the disbelievers.

    Koran; Chapter 5, verse 33: the retaliation those who war against God and his messengers, and there strive to create mischief in the land, is only that they be killed or crucified, or that their hands and their feet one right and the other links, are cut off, or that the country be expelled. That will be a shame for them in this world and in the hereafter they will be a great chastisement.
    Here we go again, on to the next attack or riot, islam is peace? (said the imam during the daily teatime)
    No Sir Cameron, islam is the Arabic word for ‘ submission ‘.

    The massive riots in Stockholm is in fact much more frightening than the Cleaver murder in London … from where so that slack language, Cameron? There is nothing to find vreedzaams in the Islamic faith, all problems are solved, all violent 1400 years long!
    This is true islam. Unadulterated and pure. In the mosque, the Muslim faithful weekly on. It’s all in their beloved book, in black and white. The terror inherent in islam. The violence is the lifeblood of the islam. How many attacks have yet to take place before the penny. That Muslims who do not participate in this violence is not with islam but despite islam. Their doctrine is clear on that. Cutting off the head is fully compliant with sharia and it is fate that all those who reject (Allah), who continue to offer resistance to the faith of the peace. When will the Muslims flock to the streets to protest against this violence. I never think because that is tantamount to rejection of the most holiest in their faith and that is jihad.

    Anywhere in the world where Muslims are intolerant and violent is a large gang. The European political elites close their politically correct eyelets for decades and are directly responsible for subverting the society by these “immigrants”. There is, of course, screeching and screaming protested when a Muslim child is provided by infidels, ehhh after this murder as well? Of course not, the fifth column has its own subjective more.

    The Islamic faith (if you can call this a belief) is not abused. It is precisely the doctrine of this belief that massive abuses the people. It is a doctrine that the minds of people from their cradle solid manipulates and incites hatred and violence. Basically, you can say that these perpetrators their poisoned soul thanks to islam. Islam is an extremely dangerous ideology and it is time that this ideology is going to be instead of solid contested camped and everywhere free by gets underway. With islam in our midst will Europe dark times ahead. If we don’t look out the whole of Europe will Lebanese States many cities in Europe and will be a mirror image of Beirut.

    I believe that a moderate Muslim does not even exist.
    In the Islamic world it works like this: you’re completely Muslim or you’re totally not a Muslim.
    And what always amazes me is that the media put at the table at a good talking neat Muslim talk programs that supposedly on behalf of all Muslims is talking. While the Muslims who live in the areas completely different thinking and much more extreme. And that’s because of the mosque. What all there is called is disgusting. As everywhere in the world where Muslims are not in their homeland are comes this becoming more common, that’s because it’s that group the way they need to be, we should also do not adapt to them, we explain them in the cotton wool and this is the thanks under an underrated big group. They come to your country go get money at those fine points of single contact by their home countries to be added in here to do their thing.
    Peaceful Muslims do not exist, as soon as they smell their chance then apply their laws. Their mindset is not ours and there is violence. Look carefully what is happening in the countries around us and what our so called peaceful Muslims. People let you do no disorientation by these amateurs who see themselves as a world leader and call.
    How many Muslim idiots are going to impersonate these murderers? And the ‘ brave warriors for islam ‘ coming out of Syria come back? But that dangerous people are children that should be helped because they ever traumatized can come back? No longer let those dangerous crazies who are trained in terrorism and Salafism.

    To start would be the islam as a reactionary ideology should be labeled and not as a religion. That places those crimes straight into a different light and easier to prosecute and punish stricter Daily misery by Islamic religious fanatics is not limited to Boston, Stockholm or London: these are only well-known press moments of the last few days. This concerns organized and orchestrated a worldwide virus thoughts good from certain direction that are simple to spread through dish TV and certain places of worship. Goal is fear, discord and an eventual replacement of Western values. Our one-sided respectful answer in the form of housing, asylum policy, financial support, benefits and dialogue are only good for preservation of millions of industry

  2. Michael Unna

    Er der nogen der kan huske dengang Venstrefløjen i 70 erne hylede over Hans Hetler???? Redox må vel siges af være Deres Hans Hetlers svar.